Can I Smoke my e-Cig in School?

If you’re an e-Cig user who’s currently attending school, you’ve probably already considered this question before. The real question here is “what kind of school are you attending?“.

Elementary and Middle School:

No. Just no. We don’t want a bunch of nine-year-olds smoking up on recess. I’m sure this will eventually become a news story when a whole group of bad-ass first graders manage to sneak their dad’s e-Cig onto the playground and passing it around. Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet so we can just move on.


High School:

We’re getting closer to the possibility of smoking e-Cigs on high school campuses BUT (and this is an important “but”) it’s not allowed just yet. The main reason for e-Cigs not being allowed is because on nearly every US high school there is a strict no tobacco or tobacco paraphernalia policy. Even though many e-Cigs are used strictly with flavored vapors that have no actual tobacco, the effects (however little they may be) are the same as tobacco products. Also, e-Cigs and vapes do have an emission (even though it is just water vapor) and many people are likely to still complain.



Ah, now we’re getting into the “real world” (if college can ever be called such). Many colleges allow traditional cigarettes to be smoked on campus. Even largely anti-smoking states like California have designated areas set aside for it’s students and faculty to smoke in between classes. That’s good news for e-Cig smokers since it means you can get away with smoking your e-Cig in those areas for sure.

The next area to conquer is smoking your e-Cigs in the non-smoking areas. This is pretty easy to get away with if you’re attending school on an open-air campus since exhaling the small-ish amount of water vapor is almost unnoticeable outside. And even if anyone did notice, it’s doubtful they would mistake the vapor for smoke since they smell completely different and look completely different.


In Class:

Here it is, the final frontier, smoking your e-Cig in class. This may require a bit of discretion on your part since, unless your teacher is an avid e-Cig smoker themselves, the general class population will likely thing you’re smoking a real cigarette. To eliminate the need to obviously exhale your vapor into the air during class, you can instead blow the vapor into a plastic water bottle that you leave uncapped and on the floor near your feet. Over time, the vapor will escape (or you can just pour it out, if you’re impatient).

In The Bathroom:

Always a classic place for secret smoking, the bathroom offers an ideal location to use your e-Cig. If you go to school in an enclosed campus school with no designated smoking areas, the bathroom may be your best place to get away with smoking. It’s important to be aware that if the bathroom has smoke alarms, you should keep your vapor exhaling far away from it. In general, e-Vapor is not likely to trigger an alarm that is designed to sense “smoke” but there’s no need to push your luck and accidentally set off the sprinklers.